Vices I Admire
More powerful than a weaponized tiger




We finished drums! Yeeehawwww!

First and foremost, we are almost finished recording our latest album! Yesssss! And we have a show on the books for 12/04/15 at the Larimer Lounge to release it! As part of the upcoming release, we are giving our latest compilation away for free here: Love Songs for the Love-Impaired. If you like any of the songs on there, please make sure to share 'em with your friends!

So, the good news is, the drums are finished. The bad news is, the album still needs a few things before we can share it with you! And we are looking forward to sharing it with you because, quite frankly, it sounds amazing!

Next up: guitars and vocals! We're positive that the album will be finished by early October. So keep tuned in here for the updates. As soon as she is done, we'll be dropping a new track on this page for your streamifying pleasurification!

In the meantime, here are some photos of our work thus far!

  • Alex
  • Alex working on the kit
  • Dan playing along on bass


Vices I Admire are so much more than just 3 handsome, charismatic, affable fellows; they also make fantastic music!

Love Songs for the Love Impaired

This is the first album recorded and produced entirely at our very own, Vice Studios. Available everywhere that music is sold! Online! Well... most places. I dunno, new sites are popping up every day, it's impossible to keep up!

Getyer fix of Fabular melodies! BandCamp, iTunes, Google Play

This album contains so many fantastic tracks, it should be illegal. It probably is! And for the coolness factor alone (of owning something illegal) you should own this! "Sweetest Girl", "...go the spoils", "Heartbreaker", "Kiss Kiss"... the list goes on! 5 more times!

Getyer fix of Political Apathy! BandCamp, iTunes, Google Play

This album is intense, enter at your own risk! "Hero" and "Forever" are consistent crowd-pleasers, but their lyrical content is as dark as midnight in a cave. Why is Dave so angry? Break out the black guy-liner to fully immerse yourself in a good angsty weep!

Getyer fix of Venom AND Pride! BandCamp, iTunes, Google Play

The one that started it all! "Monster", "Poor Boy", "By The Way" and "For You All". And then there are a couple other tracks... Is "Monster" the best track ever written? Our informal poll says yes!

Getyer fix of the best alternative to Plan A! BandCamp, iTunes, Google Play